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Organisations, Programmes, and Projects

Stockholm, C40 Cities

Description: city profile and case studies

Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University

Description: research on socio-ecological systems and governance

Stockholm Environment Institute

Description: non-profit focusing on international development and the environment

Viable Cities

Description: research platform focusing on sustainability

Reports and Policies

Stockholm – varmare, blötare Klimat- och sårbarhetsanalys för Stockholms län (Warmer, wetter climate and vulnerability analysis for Stockholm county), Länsstyrelsen i Stockholms Län

Description: past climate events, future scenarios, and various sectors

Regional handlingsplan för klimatanpassning i Stockholms län. Anpassning Till Ett Förändrat Klimat (Regional action plan for climate adaptation in Stockholm County, Adaptation to a Changing Climate), Länsstyrelsen i Stockholms Län

Description: focuses on robust green infrastructure, water, community and innovation,skapa%20ett%20l%C3%A5ngsiktigt%20robust%20samh%C3%A4lle.

Environmental Programme 2017-2021, Region Stockholm

Description: mitigation, health and adaptation plan

Stockholm City Plan 2018, Stockholms Stad

Description: integrated development and environmental plan

Academic Articles

Davidse, Bart Jan, Othengrafen, Meike, & Deppisch, Sonja. (2015). Spatial planning practices of adapting to climate change. European Journal of Spatial Development, (57)

Description: qualitative case study outlining avoidance and minimization strategies articles/refereed57.pdf

Furberg, Dorothy, Ban, Yifang, & Nascetti, Andrea. (2019). Monitoring of Urbanization and Analysis of Environmental Impact in Stockholm with Sentinel-2A and SPOT-5 Multispectral Data. Remote Sensing, 11(20), 2408.

Description: quantitative analysis of the environmental impact of urbanization

Kaczorowska, A., J.-H. Kain, J. Kronenberg, and D. Haase. 2016. Ecosystem Services in Urban Land Use Planning: Integration Challenges in Complex Urban settings – Case of Stockholm. Ecosystem Services 22: 204–212.

Description: qualitative case study of the urban ecosystem services concept in policy implementation

Kalantari, Zahra, Santos Ferreira, Carla Sofia, Page, Jessica, Goldenberg, Romain, Olsson, Jonas, & Destouni, Georgia. (2019). Meeting sustainable development challenges in growing cities: Coupled social-ecological systems modeling of land use and water changes. Journal of Environmental Management, 245, 471-480.

Description: develop coupling tool and applied to the Tyresån catchment

Nilsson, Annika E, Gerger Swartling, Åsa, & Eckerberg, Katarina. (2012). Knowledge for local climate change adaptation in Sweden: Challenges of multilevel governance. Local Environment: Nordic Climate Change, 17(6-7), 751-767.

Description: qualitative case study of the institutionalization of climate change knowledge

Oudin Åström, Daniel, Forsberg, Bertil, Ebi, Kristie L, & Rocklöv, Joacim. (2013). Attributing mortality from extreme temperatures to climate change in Stockholm, Sweden. Nature Climate Change, 3(12), 1050-1054.

Description: quantitative analysis of mortality related to extreme cold and heat

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