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The impact of climate change on cities is well-researched but the 'peri-urban' hinterland – the areas between and around cities – is often overlooked. Such a gap needs to be addressed since peri-urban areas often contain high proportions of population growth and have a large impact on local environments.


Peri-cene is an interdisciplinary research project that investigates peri-urbanisation and climate risk in city-regions around the world. The peri-urban provides essential ecosystem services and can increase the adaptive capacity of urban areas.Through spatial analysis, an innovative 'policy lab' and in-depth, qualitative case studies in India and the UK, the project is piloting practical tools to support policymakers in understanding climate risk and peri-urbanisation processes. Focusing on the adaptive governance of peri-urban areas will lead to the development of guidance to support policymakers in their understanding of peri-urbanisation and climate risk.

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