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PERI-CENE Spatial Analysis Tool

The Peri-cene has developed the Peri-urban Analysis Tool (P-CAT), as an online system which provides a local application of a global spatial dataset.

The current link is

The P-CAT sets out common archetypes of global peri-urbanisation, ranging from. These archetypes will be overlaid on the climatic – biome types and the associated risk layers.

The P-CAT tool draws on existing global and local datasets including: the JRC’s Global Human Settlement Layer (GHSL), the OECD Functional Urban Area classification, and the World Resource Institute Global Forest Watch.

The results are ground-truthed in two case studies in Chennai, India and Greater Manchester, UK.

On the P-CAT you can:

Visualise spatial data for the PERI-CENE 21 partner cities in the P-CAT City Visualisers. Contribute with geospatial data for each of the PERI-CENE 21 partner cities in the P-CAT City Surveys

Follow the PERI-CENE analyses and findings in the P-CAT Analyses

P-CAT City Visualisers

You can find our City Visualisers for all the PERI-CENE partner cities in the map below. Hover over the placeholder to find the relevant link.

These visualisers include spatial information about population distributions, built-up areas and degree of urbanisation based on the global dataset Global Human Settlement Layer produced by the European Union Joint Research Centre.

The visualiser has basic tools to select the layers, measure and identify features.

Attribution of the datasets can be found on each visualiser in the top right corner.

P-CAT City Surveys

Stakeholders and citizens can contribute to the discussion about peri-urbanisation by adding geospatial data to our datasets, using the City Surveys for the city of their interest.

Click on the link of the city of your interest in the map and follow the instructions.

You can add one piece of information at a time, and you can add as many inputs as you want, responding to the survey once per contribution.

P-CAT Story maps

The story maps offer a unique insight on the peri-urban geography and history, combining narrative with dynamic spatial mapping. See the samples:

Chennai -

Manchester -

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