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This page contains the key project deliverables and other resources.

  • spatial data is available through the P-CAT system.
  • images can be supplied on request
  • see Project links for allied research on peri-urbanisation, climate risk, and/or adaptive governance
  • (italics shows reports in the pipeline)


Synthesis Reports

Peri-cene - Summary for Policy Makers

Peri-cene - Synthesis A - Overview

Peri-cene - Synthesis B - Compendium of Cases

WP1: Framework

D1-1 Literature review - Outline and definitions for peri-urban / climate-env. academic & policy context

D1-2 - Pericene Framework - Outline of working framework and method for peri-urban / climate / adaptive / governance themes


D2-1: Spatial analysis of urban-env change: Review of peri-urban / climate-env: data, analysis, modelling

D2-2: Peri-urban Analysis Tool (PAT): Software & brief report: sources, specs, user guidance


D3-1 - Policy Lab outline: structure & program for partner mapping & dialogue

D3-2: Global peri-urban baseline report: review & analysis of peri-urban issues & challenges:


Peri-cene - Chennai baseline report v0.9: Overview of urban / peri-urban / climate-environment change & vulnerability

Peri-cene D4.1b - Manchester region baseline report: Overview of urban / peri-urban / climate-environment change & vulnerability

Peri-cene D4-2b - Manchester region pathways : Synergies, visions, transformations: policy opportunities, innovations, pathways


D5-1 - adaptive governance; Review & analysis of peri-urban governance & institutional challenges

D5-2 - Policy & governance innovations & pathways: Review & analysis of innovations & pathways:

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