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Organisations, Programmes, and Projects

International Centre for Climate Change and Development

Description: research group based in Dhaka

Reports and Policies

Dhaka and Western Zone Transmission Grid Expansion Project, Asia Development Bank

Description: climate risk and vulnerability assessment

Flood Risk Management in Dhaka: A Case for Eco-Engineering Approaches and Institutional Reform, Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery

Description: integrating flood management into urban planning

Academic Articles

Haque, Anika Nasra, Grafakos, Stelios, & Huijsman, Marijk. (2012). Participatory integrated assessment of flood protection measures for climate adaptation in Dhaka. Environment and Urbanization, 24(1), 197-213.

Description: multi-criteria analysis of flood measures on the eastern fringe

Araos, Malcolm, Ford, James, Berrang-Ford, Lea, Biesbroek, Robbert, & Moser, Sarah. (2016). Climate change adaptation planning for Global South megacities: The case of Dhaka. Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning, 19(6), 682-696.

Description: qualitative case study of climate change preparedness

Ahmed, Farhana, Moors, Eddy, Khan, M. Shah Alam, Warner, Jeroen, & Terwisscha van Scheltinga, Catharien. (2018). Tipping points in adaptation to urban flooding under climate change and urban growth: The case of the Dhaka megacity. Land Use Policy, 79, 496-506.

Description: case study of flood exposure under different urbanization and climate change scenarios

Zinia, Naeema Jihan, & McShane, Paul. (2018). Ecosystem services management: An evaluation of green adaptations for urban development in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Landscape and Urban Planning, 173, 23-32.

Description: surveys to understand perceptions of green roofs

Dasgupta, Susmita, Zaman, Asif, Roy, Subhendu, Huq, Mainul, Jahan, Sarwar, & Nishat, Ainun. (2015). Urban Flooding of Greater Dhaka in a Changing Climate: Building Local Resilience to Disaster Risk (Directions in Development--Environment and Sustainable Development). Washington, DC: World Bank.

Description: book aiming to improve flood resilience policies

Alam, M. J. (2014). “The organized encroachment of land developers”—Effects on urban flood management in Greater Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sustainable Cities and Society, 10, 49-58.

Description: case study of violations of land-use regulations by developers

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