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Doha region


Organisations, Programmes, and Projects

Strategic Plans and Projects, Ministry of Municipality and Environment

Description: local spatial development plans and the climate change strategy

Environment and Energy Research Institute, Qatar Foundation

Description: non-profit organization focusing on water, energy and environment


Description: environmental organization based in Doha

Reports and Policies

Interim Coastal Development Guidelines 2017, Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning

Description: classification and regulations for Qatar’s coast

The National Urban Development Framework for Qatar, Ministry of Municipality and Environment

Description: sustainable development plan considering both natural and built environment

Academic Articles

Makido, Y., Shandas, V., Ferwati, S., & Sailor, D. (2016). Daytime variation of urban heat islands: the case study of Doha, Qatar. Climate, 4(2), 32.

Description: quantitative landscape study with recommendations

Shandas, Vivek, Skelhorn, Cynthia, & Ferwati, Salim. (2019). Urban Adaptation to Climate Change. Cham: Springer International Publishing AG.

Description: book on adaptation and livability in Doha

Ferwati, S.; Skelhorn, C.; Shandas, V.; Makido, Y. (2019). A Comparison of Neighborhood-Scale Interventions to Alleviate Urban Heat in Doha, Qatar. Sustainability, 11, 730.

Description: microclimate analysis of three sites

Cheng, Way Lee, Cheng, Way Lee, Saleem, Ayman, Saleem, Ayman, Sadr, Reza, & Sadr, Reza. (2017). Recent warming trend in the coastal region of Qatar. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 128(1), 193-205.

Description: quantitative long-term temperature analysis in the Doha region

Salimi, Mohsen, & Al-Ghamdi, Sami G. (2020). Climate change impacts on critical urban infrastructure and urban resiliency strategies for the Middle East. Sustainable Cities and Society, 54, 101948.

Description: climate impacts on Doha

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