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The second city of Ghana is located in the Ashanti region with strong tribal identities and social structures.

Peri-urban areas are growing mainly by middle class encroachment, under a dual ‘customary’ legal system, displacing the land and livelihoods of many indigenes.

In this tropical rainforest location, climate-environment risks include flooding, water scarcity, extreme heat and wildfire.


Population city-region - 3.2m

Land area city-region - 254 km2

Density city-region - 12600 pp/km2

Population city-region change

Kumasi region

(World Bank data - – data for Ashanti province)

Extreme heat                                        - medium
Wildfire                                                  - HIGH
Water scarcity                                      - medium
River flood                                            - HIGH
Urban flood                                          - HIGH
Coastal flood                                        - (no data)
Cyclone                                                  - (no data)
Tsunami                                                 - (no data)
Landslide                                               - low
Earthquake                                           - medium
Volcano                                                 - (no data)


Economic type                                     - lower middle-income
GDP /pp city-region                            - $2266 USD / $7360 PPP
HDI (national 2017)                            - 0.592

(national level data)
Welfare regime (BTI)                           - 5.0
Control of corruption (SPI)                - 4.5
Access to justice (WGI)                       - 9.1

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