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This page is where you will find all the Cairo associated partners projects, resources, reports, policies, and papers.


Climate Change Adaptation and Urban Resilience, Participatory Development Programme

Description: project focused on adaptation measures in Greater Cairo



Protecting Health from Heat Stress in Informal Settlements of the Greater Cairo Region, Deutsche Gesellschaft für, Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Description: heat impacts and recommendations for a vulnerable group

Greater Cairo Urban Development Strategy, Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities

Description: integrated regional plan with economic, social and environmental themes

Academic articles

Aboulnaga M., Alwan A., R. Elsharouny M. (2019) Climate Change Adaptation: Assessment and Simulation for Hot-Arid Urban Settlements – The Case Study of the Asmarat Housing Project in Cairo, Egypt. In: Sayigh A. (eds) Sustainable Building for a Cleaner Environment. Innovative Renewable Energy. Springer, Cham.

Description: long-term climate change scenario assessment of a building project

El-Hattab, M, S.M, Amany, & G.E, Lamia. (2018). Monitoring and assessment of urban heat islands over the Southern region of Cairo Governorate, Egypt. The Egyptian Journal of Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, 21(3), 311-323.

Description: quantitative study of urban heat islands and land cover

Urban Governance Theme

Osman, T., Arima, T. and Divigalpitiya, P. (2016) ‘Measuring Urban Sprawl Patterns in Greater Cairo Metropolitan Region’, Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing. New Delhi: Springer India, 44(2), pp. 287–295. doi: 10.1007/s12524-015-0489-6.

Climate Change Theme

Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerabilities and Adaption Measures for Egypt’s Nile Delta. K. A. A. Abutaleb, A. H. E. Mohammed, & M. H. M. Ahmed.

DEVELOPMENT AND CLIMATE CHANGE IN EGYPT: FOCUS ON COASTAL RESOURCES AND THE NILE. S. Agrawala, A. Moehner, M. El Raey, D. Conway, M. van Aalst, M. Hagenstad, & J. Smith.

Egypt’s economic vulnerability to climate change. J. B. Smith, B. A. McCarl, P. Kirshen, R. Jones, L. Deck, M. A. Abdrabo, M. Borhan, A. El-Ganzori, M. El-Shamy, M. Hassan, I. El-Shinnawy, M. Abrabou, M. K. Hassanein, M. El-Agizy, M. Bayoumi, & R. Hynninen.

Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerabilities and Adaption Measures for Egypt’s Nile Delta. K. A. A. Abutaleb, A. H. E. Mohammed, & M. H. M. Ahmed.

Working Group 2, AR5, Chapter 22 – Africa. I. Niang, O. C. Ruppel.

Groundwater Management for Sustainable Development Plans for the Western Nile Delta. M. G. A. Eltarabily, & A. M. Negm.

The Prediction and Assessment of the Impacts of Soil Sealing on Agricultural Land in the North Nile Delta (Egypt) Using Satellite Data and GIS Modeling. E. Hendawy, A. A. Belal, E. S. Mohamed, A. Elfadaly, B. Murgante, A. A. Aldosari, & R Lasaponara.

Local community perception of climate change adaptation in Egypt. P. Froehlich, & M Al-Saidi.

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