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Guangzhou, C40 Cities

Description: city profile and case studies


Description: Institute for Environmental and Climate Research, Jinan University


Description: Pearl River Water Conservancy Research Institute


Academic articles

Meng, M, Dabrowski, M.M, Chan, Faith, Stead, D, Galderisi, Aiana, & Colucci, Angela. (2018). Spatial Planning for Climate Adaptation and Flood Risk: Development of the Sponge City Program in Guangzhou. In Smart, Resilient and Transition Cities. Elsevier.

Description: local implementation challenges of the national Sponge City program

Liu, T.; Ren, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Feng, B.; Lin, H.; Xiao, J.; Zeng, W.; Li, X.; Li, Z.; Rutherford, S.; Xu, Y.; Lin, S.; Nasca, P.C.; Du, Y.; Wang, J.; Huang, C.; Jia, P.; Ma, W. 2019. Modification Effects of Population Expansion, Ageing, and Adaptation on Heat-Related Mortality Risks Under Different Climate Change Scenarios in Guangzhou, China. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 16, 376.

Description: quantitative study of population and aging under different climate scenarios

Zhu, Zhanqiang, Ren, Jie, & Liu, Xuan. (2019). Green infrastructure provision for environmental justice: Application of the equity index in Guangzhou, China. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 46, 126443.

Description: builds an integrated equity index map and compares to the Sponge City program

Liu, J. (2020). Narrating the impacts of climate change for urban health governance in Guangzhou, China. Cities & Health, 1-16.

Description: qualitative case study of climate change and health policies

Lin, Weibin, Sun, Yimin, Nijhuis, Steffen, & Wang, Zhaoli. (2020). Scenario-based flood risk assessment for urbanizing deltas using future land-use simulation (FLUS): Guangzhou Metropolitan Area as a case study. The Science of the Total Environment, 739, 139899.

Description: land-use models for coastal flood risk assessment

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