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Historic primate city, major port and economic powerhouse of Thailand.   Bangkok's rapid growth coupled with little urban planning has resulted in a haphazard cityscape and inadequate
infrastructure. An inadequate road network with substantial private car usage,
have led to chronic and crippling traffic congestion and severe air pollution.

Peri-urban development is led by corporate real estate with many forms of suburban and
ex-urban development, displacing water-intensive cultivation.

Climate-environment prospects on a tropical savannah coastal location: high risk of extreme heat
and wildfire, coastal flooding and cyclone with other forms of flooding also



Population (metropolitan area)        - 14.6m
Land area (metropolitan area)          - 7761 km2
Density (metropolitan area)              - 1900 pp/km2
Population city-region change          -

Bangkok region

(World Bank data - -)

Extreme heat                                        - HIGH
Wildfire                                                  - HIGH  
Water scarcity                                      - medium
River flood                                            - medium
Urban flood                                          - medium
Coastal flood                                        - HIGH
Cyclone                                                  - HIGH
Tsunami                                                 - (no data)
Landslide                                               - low
Earthquake                                           - low
Volcano                                                 - (no data)


Economic type                                     - emerging upper-middle income
GDP /pp city-region                            - $14360 USD PPP
HDI (national 2017)                            - 0.755    


(national level data)
Welfare regime (BTI)                           - 5.5
Control of corruption (SPI)                -3.7
Access to justice (WGI)                       - 2.2

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