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This page is where you will find all the Bangkok associated partners projects, resources, reports, policies, and papers.


Bangkok, C40 Cities

Description: city profile and case studies



Bangkok Climate Change Plan, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

Description: mitigation and adaptation measure and implementation plan

Bangkok resilience strategy, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

Description: plan for climate adaptation, economic development, and livability

Bangkok Assessment Report on Climate Change 2009, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Green Leaf Foundation and United Nations Environment Programme

Description: climate mitigation and adaptation assessment

Academic articles

Limthongsakul, Sani, Nitivattananon, Vilas, & Arifwidodo, Sigit Dwiananto. (2017). Localized flooding and autonomous adaptation in peri-urban Bangkok. Environment and Urbanization, 29(1), 51-68.

Description: drivers of flooding and impacts on community storm water infrastructure

Wongsa S., Vichiensan V., Piamsa-nga N., Nakamura S. (2019) Urban Flooding and Adaptation to Climate Change in Sukhumvit Area, Bangkok, Thailand. In: Mannina G. (eds) New Trends in Urban Drainage Modelling. Green Energy and Technology. Springer, Cham.

Description: pilot case study using GIS

Saito, N. (2014). Challenges for adapting Bangkok’s flood management systems to climate change. Urban Climate, 9, 89-100.

Description: governance and policy study of BMA’s approach to flooding

Laeni, Naim, Van den Brink, Margo, & Arts, Jos. (2019). Is Bangkok becoming more resilient to flooding? A framing analysis of Bangkok's flood resilience policy combining insights from both insiders and outsiders. Cities, 90, 157-167.

Description: analyzes the approach to flooding in the Resilience Strategy

Boossabong P. (2017) Floods and Food in the City: Lessons from Collaborative Governance Within the Policy Network on Urban Agriculture in Bangkok, Thailand. In: Allen A., Griffin L., Johnson C. (eds) Environmental Justice and Urban Resilience in the Global South. Palgrave Macmillan, New York.

Description: analysis of resilience and justice potentials of an urban agriculture policy network

Additional sources

Enhancing Adaptation to Climate Change by Impact Assessment of the Flood in Bangkok. W. A. Marome.

Climate Change and Thailand: Impact and Response. D. Marks.

Urbanising Thailand: implications for climate vulnerability assessment. R. M. Friend, K. Hutanuwatr, Y. Inmuong & B. Lambregts.

Urban Flooding and Climate Change: A Case Study of Bangkok, Thailand. N. Thanvisitthpon, S. Shrestha & I. Pal.

A Preliminary Review on Frameworks for Thai Climate Risk and Approaches in Social/Economic Vulnerability Assessment in Bangkok. K. Hutanuwatr.

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