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This page is where you will find all the Granada associated partners projects, resources, reports, policies, and papers.

Partner resources

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Other resources

Organisations, programmes, projects

Adapta Granada

Description: climate change adaptation program

Andalusian Climate Change portal (Climate change portal for Andalusia), Junta de Andalucía

Description: platform for climate change information and policies

Regional Development Institute, University of Granada

Description: research institute with themes on urban growth and the environment

Granada, Resilient Andalusia

Description: civil society group for sustainability in the region


Description: urban environmental organization with pilot projects in Andalucia

Reports and policies

Plan for adaptation to climate change (Provincial Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change), Diputación de Granada

Description: objectives, evaluations and plans for adaptation in the region

On Measures for Climate Change and for a transition to a new energy model in Andalusia, Parliament of Andalusia

Description: energy transition, climate mitigation and adaptation plan

Other papers

Matarán Ruiz A., Yacamán Ochoa C. (2020) Participative Agri-Food Projects in the Urban Bioregion of the Vega of Granada (Spain). In: Fanfani D., Matarán Ruiz A. (eds) Bioregional Planning and Design: Volume II . Springer, Cham.

Description: participation in an alternative food system in peri-urban Granada

Calatrava, J. (2014). Interurban agriculture as a component of green urbanism: the case of the Granada agglomeration. Revista Española de Estudios Agrosociales y Pesqueros , 239, 13–55.

Description: analyzes the relationship between urban agriculture and green urbanism

Climate Change in Spain: Phenological Trends in Southern Areas. García-Mozo, H., Mestre, A. and Galán, C.

A Preliminary General Assessment of the Impacts in Spain Due to the Effects of Climate Change. Ministerio de Medio Ambiente

Charting trends in the evolution of the La Alhambra forest (Granada, Spain) through analysis of pollen-emission dynamics over time Paloma Cariñanos, Manuel Casares-Porcel, Ana Valle Díaz de la Guardia, Rafael De la Cruz-Márquez & Consuelo Díaz de la Guardia

Climate change and crop adaptation in Spain: consistency of regional climate models. A. Garrido, D. Rey, M. Ruiz-Ramos & M. I. Mínguez.

Insurance for the future? Potential avian community resilience in cities across Europe. Federico Morelli, Yanina Benedetti, Juan Diego Ibáñez-Álamo, Piotr Tryjanowski, Jukka Jokimäki, Marja-Liisa Kaisanlahti-Jokimäki, Tomás Pérez-Contreras, Philipp Sprau, Jukka Suhonen, Reuven Yosef, Mario Díaz & Anders Pape Møller

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