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Organisations, Programmes, and Projects

Climate Protection, City of Helsinki

Description: strategies for climate action and conservation

Urban Environment Division, City of Helsinki

Description: environmental reports and climate policies

Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science; the Urban Environmental Policy Research Group; and the Research Centre for Ecological Change, University of Helsinki

Description: research on climate adaptation and sustainability

Climate Street Project

Description: local pilot projects for mitigation and adaptation

Reports and Policies

Helsinki Metropolitan Area Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority

Description: policies for various sectors such as land-use, buildings, and water

Climate Smart Helsinki, City of Helsinki

Description: integrated mitigation and adaptation plan

Storm water management program, City of Helsinki

Description: objectives, priorities, monitoring, and city organization

Weather and Climate Change Risk Assessment, City of Helsinki and the Finnish Meteorological Institute

Description: report that outlines the climate risks and vulnerabilities

Academic Articles

Klein, Johannes, Klein, Johannes, Mäntysalo, Raine, Mäntysalo, Raine, Juhola, Sirkku, & Juhola, Sirkku. (2016). Legitimacy of urban climate change adaptation: A case in Helsinki. Regional Environmental Change, 16(3), 815-826.

Description: qualitative analysis of adaptation planning

Juhola, S. (2013). Adaptation to Climate Change in the Private and the Third Sector: Case Study of Governance of the Helsinki Metropolitan Region. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 31(5), 911-925.

Description: private and third sector participation in adaptation governance

Ruuhela, Reija, Jylhä, Kirsti, Lanki, Timo, Tiittanen, Pekka, & Matzarakis, Andreas. (2017). Biometeorological Assessment of Mortality Related to Extreme Temperatures in Helsinki Region, Finland, 1972-2014. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 14(8), 944.

Description: time series analysis of the relationship between temperature change and mortality in the region

Räsänen, Aleksi, Heikkinen, Kimmo, Piila, Noora, & Juhola, Sirkku. (2019). Zoning and weighting in urban heat island vulnerability and risk mapping in Helsinki, Finland. Regional Environmental Change, 19(5), 1481-1493.

Description: assessment of zoning and spatial mapping of UHI vulnerabilities and risks

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