Helsinki resources

Organisations, Programmes, and Projects

Climate Protection, City of Helsinki

Description: strategies for climate action and conservation

Urban Environment Division, City of Helsinki

Description: environmental reports and climate policies

Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science; the Urban Environmental Policy Research Group; and the Research Centre for Ecological Change, University of Helsinki

Description: research on climate adaptation and sustainability

Climate Street Project

Description: local pilot projects for mitigation and adaptation


Reports and Policies

Helsinki Metropolitan Area Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority

Description: policies for various sectors such as land-use, buildings, and water

Climate Smart Helsinki, City of Helsinki

Description: integrated mitigation and adaptation plan

Storm water management program, City of Helsinki

Description: objectives, priorities, monitoring, and city organization

Weather and Climate Change Risk Assessment, City of Helsinki and the Finnish Meteorological Institute

Description: report that outlines the climate risks and vulnerabilities

Academic articles

Klein, Johannes, Klein, Johannes, Mäntysalo, Raine, Mäntysalo, Raine, Juhola, Sirkku, & Juhola, Sirkku. (2016). Legitimacy of urban climate change adaptation: A case in Helsinki. Regional Environmental Change, 16(3), 815-826.

Description: qualitative analysis of adaptation planning

Juhola, S. (2013). Adaptation to Climate Change in the Private and the Third Sector: Case Study of Governance of the Helsinki Metropolitan Region. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 31(5), 911-925.

Description: private and third sector participation in adaptation governance

Ruuhela, Reija, Jylhä, Kirsti, Lanki, Timo, Tiittanen, Pekka, & Matzarakis, Andreas. (2017). Biometeorological Assessment of Mortality Related to Extreme Temperatures in Helsinki Region, Finland, 1972-2014. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 14(8), 944.

Description: time series analysis of the relationship between temperature change and mortality in the region

Räsänen, Aleksi, Heikkinen, Kimmo, Piila, Noora, & Juhola, Sirkku. (2019). Zoning and weighting in urban heat island vulnerability and risk mapping in Helsinki, Finland. Regional Environmental Change, 19(5), 1481-1493.

Description: assessment of zoning and spatial mapping of UHI vulnerabilities and risks

Additional sources

Zoning and weighting in urban heat island vulnerability and risk mapping in Helsinki, Finland. Aleksi Räsänen, Kimmo Heikkinen, Noora Piila & Sirkku Juhola.

Legitimate adaptive flood risk governance beyond the dikes: the cases of Hamburg, Helsinki and Rotterdam. Heleen Mees, P.P.J. Driessen & Hens Runhaar.

Finland’s Integrated Energy and Climate Plan, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Finland’s National Adaptation Strategy, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

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