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This page is where you will find all the Melbourne associated partners projects, resources, reports, policies, and papers.


Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research

Description: state government research center until 2014

Melbourne, C40 Cities

Description: city profile and case studies

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Victoria State Government

Description: programs for environmental issues such as climate change, water, forests, and coasts

Sustainability Program, City of Melbourne

Description: programs for water and heat impacts

Living Melbourne, City of Melbourne

Description: plan for an urban forest to build resilience and adapt to climate change

Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne

Description: projects on environment and resilience



Climate Change Adaptation Strategy Refresh 2017, City of Melbourne

Description: update of the climate context and goals from the 2009 plan

Victoria’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2017-2020, Victoria State Government

Description: integrates adaptation into core sectors in the region

Resilient Melbourne, City of Melbourne

Description: outlines resilience objectives and projects

Annual Report 2018-2019, City of Melbourne

Description: update on the implementation on the Resilience Strategy

Victoria State Government (2019) 'Victoria in Future 2019 - Population Projections 2016 to 2056'. (Accessed June 2021)

Assessing the Vulnerability of Victoria’s Central Highlands Forests to Climate Change. C. R. Nitschke & G. M. Hickey.

Climate-Ready Victoria Greater Melbourne. Victoria State Government.


Indicative Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerability for Wetlands in Victoria. Department of Sustainability and Environment Victoria.

Heatwaves in Victoria: A Vulnerability Assessment

Annual Plan and Budget 2020-2021. City of Melbourne.

Climate Change Adaptation Strategy Refresh 2017. City of Melbourne.

Academic Articles

Fastenrath, Sebastian, Bush, Judy, & Coenen, Lars. (2020). Scaling-up nature-based solutions. Lessons from the Living Melbourne strategy. Geoforum, 116, 63-72.

Description: case study of the implementation of the urban forest project

Fastenrath, Sebastian, Coenen, Lars, & Davidson, Kathryn. (2019). Urban Resilience in Action: The Resilient Melbourne Strategy as Transformative Urban Innovation Policy? Sustainability 11(3), 693.

Description: case study of the implementation of the resilience strategy

Moloney, Susie, & Fünfgeld, Hartmut. (2015). Emergent processes of adaptive capacity building: Local government climate change alliances and networks in Melbourne. Urban Climate, 14, 30-40.

Description: case study of multi-level governance of climate adaptation

Rogers, B. C, Bertram, N, Gersonius, B, Gunn, A, Löwe, R, Murphy, C, . . . Arnbjerg-Nielsen, K. (2020). An interdisciplinary and catchment approach to enhancing urban flood resilience: A Melbourne case. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A: Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences, 378(2168), 20190201.

Description: participatory approach to flood management in a Melbourne suburb

Buxton, M., Carey, R. and Phelan, K. (2016) ‘The Role of Peri-Urban Land Use Planning in Resilient Urban Agriculture: A Case Study of Melbourne, Australia’, in, pp. 153–170. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-28112-4_10.

Cook, N. and Harder, S. (2012) ‘By Accident or Design? Peri-Urban Planning and the Protection of Productive Land on the Urban Fringe’. Boston, MA: Springer US, pp. 413–424. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4614-4484-8_28.

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