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This page is where you will find all the Naples associated partners projects, resources, reports, policies, and papers.


Ambiente, Paesaggio, Mare e Tutela animali (Environment, Landscape, Sea and Animal Protection), Comune di Napoli

Description: thematic area of the municipality


Academic articles

Losasso M. (2021) Environmental Crisis and Climate Adaptation of the Urban Voids of Naples Historic Centre UNESCO Site. In: Bevilacqua C., Calabrò F., Della Spina L. (eds) New Metropolitan Perspectives. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, vol 178. Springer, Cham.

Description: environmental design for ‘climate-proofing’

Pasquale De Toro, & Silvia Iodice. (2018). Ecosystem Health Assessment in urban contexts: A proposal for the Metropolitan Area of Naples (Italy). Ce.S.E.T. Aestimum, (72), 39.

Description: quantitative analysis and indicator development to assess ecosystem health

Padulano, Roberta, Reder, Alfredo, & Rianna, Guido. (2019). An ensemble approach for the analysis of extreme rainfall under climate change in Naples (Italy). Hydrological Processes, 33(14), 2020-2036.

Description: quantitative analysis of climate changes in Naples

Apreda, Carmela, D’Ambrosio, Valeria, & Di Martino, Ferdinando. (2019). A climate vulnerability and impact assessment model for complex urban systems. Environmental Science & Policy, 93, 11-26.

Description: a hierarchical model to assess heat waves and flooding

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