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This page is where you will find all the Toronto associated partners projects, resources, reports, policies, and papers.

Partner resources

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Other resources

Organisations, programmes, and projects

2019 Climate Resilience Framework and Recommendations Report, City of Toronto

Description: Integrated mitigation and adaptation framework with recommendations

Climate Change, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

Description: Adaptation projects including flood protection and watershed management

Toronto, C40 Cities

Description: City profile with case studies

Climate Risk Institute

Description: non-profit with projects for climate assessments, infrastructure, and resilience in Ontario

Climate Change, Toronto Environmental Alliance

Description: community projects and reports for climate adaptation

Community Resilience to Extreme Weather

Description: community mapping of climate risks and resiliency index in Toronto

A scan of climate change impacts on Toronto. The Clean Air Partnership

A Climate of Concern: Climate Change and Health Strategy for Toronto 2015

The Effect of Climate Change and Urbanization on the Demand for Low Impact Development for Three Canadian Cities. S. Kaykhosravi, U. T. Khan & M. A. Jadidi.

Canada’s Changing Climate Report. Government of Canada.

Toronto’s First Resilience Strategy (2019). City of Toronto.

Toronto’s Urban Heat Island – Exploring the Relationship between Land Use and Surface Temperature. C. Rinner & M. Hussain.

Reports and policies

Ontario’s Great Lakes Strategy, Government of Ontario

Description: environmental goals and priorities to protect the Great Lakes

Ontario Climate Change and Health Toolkit, Ministry of Health and Long-term care

Description: technical report with adaptation assessment guidelines and health modelling study

Ahead of the Storm… Preparing Toronto for Climate Change, Toronto Environment Office

Description: Climate change adaptation plan from 2008

Toronto Resilience Strategy, City of Toronto

Description: defines resilience and outlines a strategy for the city and region

Other papers

Perdeaux, S. 2017. Climate Change Adaptation ‘Stories’ of Ontario: A collection of five adaptation initiatives from across Ontario. Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Division of Natural Resources Canada.

Description: contains four case studies on water-related initiatives in the Toronto region

Paterson, J.A., Ford, J.D., Ford, L.B. et al. 2012. Adaptation to climate change in the Ontario public health sector. BMC Public Health 12, 452.

Description: analysis of interviews conducted with public health officials in Ontario

Henstra, D. (2012). Toward the Climate-Resilient City: Extreme Weather and Urban Climate Adaptation Policies in Two Canadian Provinces. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, 14(2), 175-194.

Description: Compares Toronto and Halifax’s climate adaptation policy development

Zeuli, Kimberly, Nijhuis, Austin, Macfarlane, Ronald, & Ridsdale, Taryn. (2018). The Impact of Climate Change on the Food System in Toronto. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15(11), 2344.

Description: analysed potential of weather events to influence Toronto’s food system

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